13 February 2020
Állatorvostudományi Egyetem
Europe/Budapest timezone

    "Good enough isn’t good enough. Because good enough will leave you in the middle of the pack. " ― Peter Coughter, author of The Art of the Pitch
    Real pitch presentations can create the perfect balance between clear information and pointed interest. This brief form of public speaking gives a great opportunity to candidates to stand out and demonstrate their professional background, USP and communication skills.

    Did you know that nowadays the most common job interview task is an Elevator Pitch?
    But what actually is an Elevator Pitch? Why is it such a popular tool for Assessment Centers today? How is it sturctured? What are the key components of a killing pitch?
    The answers for these questions and many other interesting facts and tips will be revealed during the workshop. Participants will also be guided and challenged to put together and deliver their very own Elevator Pitch by the end of the workshop.

    Presenter: Linda Hanyecz-Zay PCC coach, communication and leadership trainer, Intercultural communication PhD candidate (ELTE)

    Állatorvostudományi Egyetem
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