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Film Club - 2023.11.08. (The Piping Peninsula)



1078 Budapest István Street 2. Building D.

We are traveling to the farthest point of Eurasia - from where we are. Kamchatka has always been a "paradise" for exiles since it was annexed by the Russian Empire. Móric Benyovszky was imprisoned here as the first Hungarian, and many others followed him. In addition, Kamchatka rightly holds the title of the area with the most volcanoes and geysers in the world. So far, the sons of our country have not been able to go there voluntarily. In 1990, during the last days of the Soviet Union, two Hungarian mountaineers and a TV personality set out to this remote place to become the first Hungarians to climb the 4,800-meter-high Klyuchevskaia szopka volcano, which is still active today.

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Állatorvostudományi Egyetem

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